Field Sales Representative.

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ROLE SUMMARY The principal job purpose of the Bakedirect Representative position is to develop sales and distribution of brand leading products to Grocery, Convenience Stores, Licensed On & Off trade in line with Company standards and expectations. Work in line with Job Description, Minimum Standard performance criteria and all current / relevant Company policies, procedures & practices to ensure VSR performance meets Company requirementsAdhere to journey plans, ensuring that all Customers are serviced accordingly and that customer satisfaction is achieved consistentlyThrough the adherence of daily / weekly / period journey plans aim to call on upto 50 customers on a regular and reliable basis, similarly ensuring that customer satisfaction is achieved consistentlyDevelop first class commercial relationships with all customers and maintain on a consistent basis, always looking to ‘go the extra mile’Monitor and review territorial journey plans and call frequencies to ensure such are effective both for the specific sales territory and territory customersManage an efficient and accurate system of Customer Record Cards, completed and maintained in line with Company requirements, with all changes in sales / updates & amendments actioned promptlyThrough the effective use of selling tools (e.g. AIDA / AVDV) and adherence to the appropriate steps to the call seek to continually extend the brand distribution of the outlets product rangeThrough the effective use of selling tools (e.g. AIDA / AVDV) and through excellent customer / commercial relationships, effectively site product stands in storeEfficiently, effectively and in line with the current Company policies, procedures and systems of best practice systematically utilise the Hand Held Terminal for all relevant tasksOn an ongoing basis and using initiative, innovation and sales leads, look to develop the sales territory by canvassing and opening worthwhile new accounts (Revenue Figure)Ensure the proactive utilisation of the Company Sales Presenter as a sales tool in every call, paying particular attention to the efficient maintenance of the Customer Record Card, Company Sales Presenter Inserts / VasEnsure proactive management of time, adhering to ‘selling time standards’ on a daily basis and utilising various planning and organising techniques for maximum efficiencyMaintain a high standard of organisation at work at all times to aid the fulfillment and achievement of all performance criteriaPresent oneself as a focal point for all territorial sales issues, operating in an enthusiastic, professional and knowledgeable manner at all times The Bakedirect Representative will be responsible for managing their territory successfully on the following grounds: – Bakedirect Representatives will have the correct fresh stock on the van with an efficient journey plan allowing high daily transactions and demonstrating a habitual use of “six steps to the call” and seven selling tools to maximise volume Bakedirect Representatives will ensure that they stock the right range, maximise space available, locate appropriate stands, ensure key promotions are on display and point of sale material is in place Bakedirect Representatives will be self-motivated, proud of their operation with high personal standards, operating a clean and tidy vehicle and have a professional appearance Bakedirect Representatives will ensure ‘added value service’ and go the ‘extra mile’ to satisfy the customer. The Bakedirect Representative will be directly responsible to the ASM for that geographical sales area / teamThe Bakedirect Representative is required to work in line with all Field Sales Operational Policies, Procedures and Practices; furthermore relevant Job Description requirements and Minimum Standards performance criteriaWill ensure self-management in line with current Company policy, procedure and practice and keep abreast of changes / amendments and developments accordingly; furthermore will ensure self-management in line with Job Description and Job Role Minimum Standards to ensure Company standards and expectations are achievedWill take responsibility for addressing queries, concerns or training needs with their Area Sales Manager and will by doing so ensure that all action taken / decisions made are fully informedWill manage oneself in line with standards and with initiative whilst on territory, in addition will ensure that they contribute effectively as a team member whilst working in the depot or speaking with colleagues (team and Company) via the telephoneThe Bakedirect Representative will be depot based and will be responsible for a territory within their area or responsible for covering territories within the area when executing Area Customer Sales Representative responsibilitiesWill be set periodic SMART objectives / targets for their achievement with performance expected at a level where target achievement is consistent and where non-achievement occurs can be fully explained.

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